Audio does not work

Audio issues

If your microphone does not seem to be recording any audio, please follow the steps below:

  1. Close applications other than Lindy that use your webcam and microphone. Applications such as Skype and FaceTime may interfere with Lindy's ability to access your webcam and microphone. This is especially important on Windows, as the Windows operating systems allows only one program to access the webcam and microphone. You may need to restart your browser as well in order to "reset" video/audio access.
  2. Lack of audio could be either because of some speaker issues, or the fact that your microphone is muted/disallowed. On the video test page (see Step 2), click on the green box next to the URL, you should see the following popup where both the camera and microhpone are set to allowed.
  3. If nothing seems to work, restart your computer to ensure that the microphone is not being used by another application. You can log back into the interview via the link that you received in your email.
  4. Use a newer web browser or a different device. For the most up-to-date list of supported platforms and web browsers, see our browser and platform support page.
  5. We've compiled some links for you below to troubleshoot your microphone based on your operating system.

On a Mac

Occasionally, the audio subsystem on Macs can freeze. When this happens, the audio input settings will be unresponsive and you won't be able to record your interview responses on Lindy. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. The longer option is to simply restart your computer, as it will reset your entire computer
  2. The shorter option is to run a special command in the Terminal, which will restart the audio recording subsystem:
    1. Open 
    2. Run sudo killall coreaudiod
    3. You will be prompted for your password

Audio cutting in and out

There are a couple of potential solutions for audio cutting in and out during a one-way interview. The issue seems to be related to specific hardware as  Skype has experienced this as well.

Select a different microphone

The first suggestion is to select a different microphone in the media settings menu of your browser. Different browsers have the settings icon in different places, but it is usually somewhere on the address bar. You should be able to select a different microphone (if available) from the popup settings menu.

Ensure microphone is plugged in properly (for external microphones)

If you're using an external microphone (one that plugs into your computer,) make sure it is plugged in all the way. If it is partially plugged in, you may experience intermittent audio. Make sure the correct microphone is selected in the browser media settings.