Quick introduction to Lindy

Overview of the interviewing process

If you are reading this page, chances are that you have received a video interview invitation from a recruiter or employer. Welcome to Lindy!

Generally speaking, there are two ways you will begin your Lindy interview process:

  1. An email invitation from a recruiter containing a link to a Lindy interview
  2. An email invitation from the Lindy platform containing a "Log in" button that immediately logs you into your Lindy interview

1. An email invitation containing a Lindy interview link

Your recruiter could invite you to a Lindy interview in a number of ways, but the most common way is sending you an email containing, among other things, instructions about how to begin your Lindy interview. The email will also contain a link to the interview, which will look something like this: https://interview.withlindy.com/AB12. The letters and numbers at the end identify the specific interview you have been invited to and will most likely be different than the example here.

When you click the interview link, you will see an interview login page, similar to this:

To begin your interview, type your email address into the email input box on the right, accept the terms of service, and click the red button with an arrow. This will send you a login link to the email you typed in. When you click the login link, you will be logged in automatically and can begin your interview.

Note: The login link expires after 60 minutes. If you complete your interview in one go, you do not need to worry about the expiration. However, if you do not manage to complete the interview in one go — perhaps you need to take a break or there is a technical issue — and you want to resume the interview later, chances are that upon clicking the link you will see a "Link expired" page. Don't worry — it simply means that the login link has expired for security reasons and all you need to do is get another login link by going back to the interview login page (see above screenshot) and re-enter your email address.

Logging into a Lindy interview works like this because we do not want to store your passwords, ever. It is more secure this way. No passwords, no password leaks.

2. An email invitation containing a "Log in" button

Some of Lindy's customers use special applicant tracking software (ATS) that integrates with Lindy. Lindy offers a way for external ATS systems to send an interview invitation from the external software automatically.

If the recruiters at the company you are applying for a job at are using an applicant tracking software that integrates with Lindy, you might receive an interview invitation the looks like this:

Clicking the "Log in" button will log you into the interview automatically. It is as if you had entered your email address on the interview login page and received the interview login link to your email. Except in this case, the recruiter has generated the invitation for you.

During the interview

During the video interview you will be asked a series of questions put together by the recruiter. You will record a video response for every question. The questions are in written form and you are given some time to read and think about the question before recording your response.

For each questions, there are 2 constraints set by the recruiter:

  1. The time to record your video response.
  2. The number of takes - how many times you can re-record your answer. The number of takes could be unlimited.

Once you start recording your response, you will see a timer in the lower left hand corner of the page that begins ticking down to zero. When it reaches zero, the recording will stop automatically. You don't have to wait for the timer to get to zero, you can always stop the recording early.

Finalising the interview

After recording your answers to all the questions and you are happy with how they turned out, the interview becomes submittable. If at that point you decide you would not like to continue, you can still back out and the employer will not see any of your responses. Once you submit the interview, the employer will be able to see your interview.

For the interview you will need

  • a working camera and a microphone;
  • approximately 30 minutes of your time, depending on how many questions there are;
  • a modern web browser on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Check out platforms and browsers currently supported by Lindy here: https://help.withlindy.com/article/15-supported-devices-and-web-browsers