Supported devices and web browsers

Lindy's candidate interviewing platform has been re-designed from the ground up to reduce friction for the candidate taking an interview. A key design decision in the new platform is to support a wide variety of devices and browsers, but not force the candidate to install any extra apps. We have designed Lindy to run right in the candidate's browser, regardless of the type of device they may be using.

Lindy currently supports the following web browsers and operating systems

Browser Operating system
Safari 12+ iOS and Mac OS devices
Chrome 64+ Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android 8.0+
Firefox 68+ Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android 8.0+
Opera 46+ Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android 8.0+
Samsung Internet 7+ Android 8.0+

If you are candidate taking an interview on a device running an operating system and browser listed above and it does not seem to be working or you are having problems, please get in touch with Lindy Support.

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